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From agro-industrial waste to value creation: our solution harnesses the sun and recovers nutrients, promoting genuine and sustainable circularity.

What do we do?

acqua sporca

Step 1

the effluent undergoes spontaneous bioelectrochemical treatment leading to nutrient recovery and partial degradation of the organic content

Step 2

water switches to module 2 to continue treatment, while the harvested nutrients are available for agricultural soil fertilization

Step 3

water leaving module 1 enters module 2 where it undergoes final purification using a photocatalytic process that harnesses solar energy

Step 4

the water leaving module 2, now purified, can be reused by the company for different needs as it is purified

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plant light visioning


The versatility of VisioNing allows the device to be applied to different types of reflue (agricultural breweries, oil mills, dairies, etc.)
The process exploits and maximizes the performance of a photocatalyst capable of activating chemical reactions when irradiated by sunlight.
Really little. In itself, the process is self-sustaining from an energetic point of view, as both the process that takes place in module 1 and the one that occurs in module 2 are spontaneous.
Since module 1 produces a certain amount of energy during its operation, this energy is used to power sensors that can signal the completion of the first step.
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